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Webinar on: The New Education Policy in the Regime of Post Covid-19 Pandamic

Moderator :
Ms. Eshita Mondal
(Assistant Professor of Kingston Law College),
Mr. Tushar Kanti Dey
(Assistant Professor of Kingston Law College)

Speaker :
Mr. Arindam Saha
(Research Scholar, Amity School of Law, Naida, UP, Visiting Faculty of Law at JIS University, Amity University)
Mr. Pradipta Mukherjee
(Asst. Prof., Hiralal Majumdar Memorial College, Dept. of Plo. Sc., Television Panelist and Political Analyst)


Kingston Educational Institute, has organized a Webinar on “The New Education Policy in the regime of Covid-19 Pandemic” on 22.12.2020 with Mr. Tushar Kanti Dey, Assistant Professor, Kingston Law College, Mr. Arindam Saha, Research Scholar, Amity  School of Law, UP, Visiting faculty of Law at JIS University, Amity University, Kolkata, and  Mr. Pradipta Mukherjee, Assistant Professor, Hiralal Majumder Memorial College, dept. of Pol. Sc., as eminent speakers and Ms. Eshita Mondol, Assistant Professor, Kingston Law College, as a moderator. Our esteemed speakers have perfectly explained about the new education policies that can be adopted during the Covid-19 pandemic in Indian context. They also explained about the hurdles that the whole education system is facing and rightly elaborated about the way of overcoming it considering online education system as a measure. They also did not miss to draw the pros and cons of the present education system, especially online education, due to pandemic and gave us a hope of revival from this pathetic situation for a new start. The queries from the audience were flawlessly met by our esteemed speakers raising the bar of the webinar. Our honourable Secretary Madam, Mrs. Uma Bhattacharya, honourable President Sir, Mr. Tipam Bhattacharya, honourable Academic Adviser Sir, Dr. Manishankar Chakraborty deservers special mention for organizing and encouraging the webinar thereby making it a grand success.     

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