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Webinar On "Importance of Yogic Practices in daily life style"

Moderator: Dr. Suman Gupta Sharma
Co Moderator: Mr. Krishnendu Chakraborty
Speaker: Dr. Malay kr Mukhopadadhyay
W.B.E.S Assistant Professor in physical education,Post Graduate GOVT institute for physical education

Speaker:Dr. Kallol Chaterjee
Assistant Professor in physical education and sport science,visva varati


Kingston Educational Institute, has organized a Webinar on “Importance of yogic Practices in Daily Life Style” on 19.12.2020 with Dr. Malay Kumar Mukhopadhyay, Assistant Professor in Phy. Edu. Dept., W.B.E.S. and Dr. Kallol Chatterjee, Assistant Professor in Phy. Edu. And Sports Science Dept., Viswa Bharti and Dr. Suman Gupta Sharma, Director, KLC, KSMS, KCS of Kingston Educational Institute as a moderator and Mr. Krishnendu Chakraborti, TIC, KTTC, as a co-moderator. Dr. Muknopadhyay and Dr. Chatterjee have described the importance of Yoga in our regular life. The different ways to be physically and mentally fit have been a part of the discussion. The eminent speakers have rightly informed about the ways, importance and results of practicing yoga and how to stay fit and healthy in between a busy schedule. The queries from the audience were flawlessly met by our esteemed speakers raising the bar of the webinar. Our honourable Secretary Madam, Mrs. Uma Bhattacharya, honourable President Sir, Mr. Tipam Bhattacharya, honourable Academic Adviser Sir, Dr. Manishankar Chakraborty deservers special mention for organizing and encouraging the webinar thereby making it a grand success.     

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