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Future of hospitality post covid

Kingston Educational Institute, an educational hub, imparting education in different field from KG to PG,hosted a virtual webinar on how the hospitality sector has been affected due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and how it will fare in the future.The webinar titled “Future of hospitality Post Covid” provided students, faculty members, industry insiders, and hospitality enthusiasts the necessary insights into the industry and the effect on it due to Covid-19. The eminent speakers of this webinar were :

1. Mr. Nikhil Kethavarapu, Director,Hotel Fortune Inn SreeKanya, Visakhapatnam.

2. Ms Khushboo Chandak,MD of Hotel Black Panther, Rajasthan.

3. Mr. Tipam Bhattacharya, Honourable President of Kingston Educational Institute.

Honourable Academic Advisor Sir, Dr. Manishankar Chakraborty was the moderator of the webinar.

What it’s about: This webinar is aimed at explaining to students looking for a career in hospitality how the industry will shape up and what the possibilities would be post-pandemic.


The eminent speakers discussed about how the COVID-19 crisis has been extraordinarily disruptive to the hospitality industry. As major countries of the globe have implemented lockdown measures, forcing non-essential establishments to close down, restaurants, hotels, pubs, café’s etc. have had to either temporarily close their doors or shut down business (in some instances) due to the lack of business. They informed us about how gradually, hotels and restaurants have reopened globally, welcoming back guests while making sure they maintain safety and cleanliness guidelines. This webinar featured strategic, operational insights and the global outlook for hospitality sector from our esteemed panel of experts. They also discussed about the the key qualities of a hospitality professional and the skill set needed for a successful career. The simple and lucid explanation by our eminent speakers have given us a clear conception about the hospitality industry post covid 19.

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