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Webinar On Nutritional Management in Acute Pancreatitis

KingstonEducational Institute has always set example in expanding knowledge through webinars where they brought personalities from relative field with utmost knowledge and experience. Recently KEI has conducted three Remarkable webinars in the field of nutrition where they invited dietitians with long work experience and intense knowledge regarding diet and nutrition as guest speakers to enrich the attendees with concepts of healthy living which has become a cause of concern in this pandemic.

JayeetaAdhikari , dietician of Bhagirathi Neotia Woman and Child Care Centre ,presented a webinar on 25th August,2021 for Kingston Educational Institute and the topic of webinar was Breast Feeding :Shaping Infant’s Gut Microflora.This topic was chosen over other topics due to not only its ideal nutritional composition for baby’s growth but also it plays a vital role in the immune system and helps in the reduction of risk of several diseases. We have learnt a lot of things regarding this topic from the webinar including the mechanism of breast milk induced neonatal gut micro biota shaping and role of breast milk in combating the risk of allergy disease in neonate. Our students also placed their queries regarding this topic and dietician JayeetaAdhikari not only quenched their queries but also had drawn a clear image of importance of breast feeding in our society.

Sohini Banerjee, dietician of Fortis Kidney Institute, presented a webinar on 2nd September, 2021 for our institution regarding the topic of Post Covid Nutritional Care and Management. Covid 19, a disease caused by novel corona virus and it became a global treat to all of us. World Health Organization (WHO) already has been declared this pandemic as a global health emergency. From this webinar we have learnt that how nutritional status of an individual has been considered as an indicator for steady recovery and the role of intense effect of diet on human’s immune system as well as disease susceptibility. Our guest speaker Sohini Banerjee quenched our queries during the question answer session regarding this pandemic and also provided proper guideline for prevention of Covid 19 disease through dietary management.

On 24th October,2021,dietitian SiktaChanda was invited as guest speaker in the webinar arranged by KEI.MissSiktaChanda is serving as a dietitian in Mukundapur AMRI Hospital. She delivered valuable knowledge to the students and faculties present in the webinar regarding nutritional management in acute pancreatitis. Pancreatitis is one of the most common gastrointestinal disease which involves hospitalization.Pancreas being an organ secreting essential digestive enzymes, it’s impairment calls for intensive nutritional care. This webinar enabled the audience to have a clear and detailed concept of the criteria and alterations to be maintained while a pancreatitis patient is being taken care of. Students and faculty placed there quarries in the open forum discussion arranged just at the end of the webinar and the guest speaker answered all the quarries very skillfully.

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