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Webinar on Cyber Security and International Politics

A memorable webinar organizedby Kingston Educational Institute (KEI)on 10th September 2021 upon the burning topic “CyberSecurity and International Politics”. This webinar was basically a part of student orientation programme of Kingston School of Management and Science, a unit of KEI. The speaker of this event was Dr.KrishnenduGuha, visiting scientist of Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), Kolkata, India. The moderator of this grand event was Dr.ManishankarChakraborty, Academic Advisor, Kingston Educational Institute, Kolkata, India. Around 200 audience was present in the webinar from the different field of study.

Objective of this webinar was to aware student and common people about thedifferent threats to human security in cyber domain and how to cope with these threats. A mixed type of audience group was present in the webinar such as college students, faculty members of different colleges under Kingston Educational Institute, etc.

The session started at 11 a.m. by a fantasticwelcome speechof Dr.Chakraborty. Thereafter, Dr.Guhastarts his talk with an introductory speech on CyberSecurity and International Politics. Next, he describes different threats and their impact to human security in cyber domain. Next, he demonstrates the different nature and tools of cyber-attacks. Also he explains who can be the attackers and how they attacks us. Further, he explains how to cope with these type of attacks.  Finally, Dr.Guha concluded his speech with a summary and Dr.Chakrabortystarts question answering session. Questions come from different students as well as faculty members and Dr.Guha answers them one by one. After that, Dr.Chakraborty ended the session with a vote of thanks. This webinar enriched its audience up to a great extents in the domain of Cyber Security. Students are very happy after getting a chance to meet this type of internationally famous Scientist.  In a word, this webinar was a great success.

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