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International Webinar on Role of Data Analysis during this Covid-19 Pandemic

Kingston Educational Institute organized an international webinar on 3rd September 2021 upon the contemporary topic “Role of Data Analysis during this Covid-19 Pandemic”. This topic demonstrated by Dr.TakaakiGoto, Associate Professor of the Faculty of Information Sciences and Arts, Toyo University, Japan and moderated by Dr.ManishankarChakraborty, Academic Advisor, Kingston Educational Institute, India. The aim of this webinar was to aware people and specially students about the application areas of data analysis in order to cope with this Covid-19 Pandemic. There was a mixed type of audience group in the webinar such as college students, faculty members of different colleges, etc. Total around 250 members was present in the webinar from the different field of study.

Dr.Chakraborty starts the event sharp at 12 noon with a fabulous welcome speech and handed over the session to Dr.Goto. Dr.Goto starts his talk with an introductory speech about himself and his University. Next, he describes why data-analysis is requiredin this pandemicsituation and the advantages of it. Next, he explains summary of this pandemic. Further, he shows different gadgets used by the Japanese for coping with this Covid-19 Pandemic. Finally, Dr.Goto concluded his speech and Dr.Chakraborty opens the forum for question answering. Questions come from different audience and Dr.Goto answers them one by one. After completion of question answering session, Dr.Chakraborty ended the webinar with a vote of thanks.

This international webinar meet its goal perfectly and enriched audience up to a great extents. Several audiences even requested to the organizer for conducting the next phase of this webinar. 

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