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Webinar on Healthy Aging : Physical Activity & Quality of Life

 Kingston Educational Institute has organized a Webinar on

"Healthy Aging: Physical activity & Quality of Life" on 4.06.2021 with Ms. Komal Srivastava, Registered Dietician , M. Sc, B. Ed, DE(IDF), Certified ENS ( Ludwig Maximilians University, Germany) PhD Scholar Department of Zoology, as an eminent speaker and Dr. Manishankar Chakraborty, Academic Advisor , Kingston Educational Institute as a moderator. Ms. Srivastava very efficiently and perfectly elaborated what Quality Life is, and in what ways one can maintain a happy and healthy life in a simple and lucid language. The webinar was very informative providing us with an introduction to how can can become old while remaining physically fit. A clear picture about Quality of Life. was portrayed. She further explained that one can live a quality life if one can meet their basic needs; learn, grow and make decisions;

be mobile; build and maintain relationships; and contribute to society. She also gave some tips upon maintaining Quality Life. They are  - Eat Whole Foods , Walk, Stay Connected, Add Fiber to diets, Curb Bad Habits ,Stay Optimistic, Stick to Sleep, Challenge Your Mind. The queries from the audience were flawlessly met by our esteemed speaker Ms. Komal Srivastava raising the bar of the webinar. Our honourable Secretary Madam, Mrs. Uma Bhattacharya, honourable President Sir, Mr. Tipam Bhattacharya, honourable Academic Adviser Sir, Dr. Manishankar Chakraborty deservers special mention for organizing and encouraging the webinar thereby making it a grand success.     

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