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Webinar on "E-Learning Vs. Traditional Learning"

The department of computer science, Kingston Polytechnic College organised a webinar entitled “E-LEARNING VS TRADITIONAL LEARNING” . The speaker of the program was Ms Moumita Sarkar,Lecturer CST who has a rich experience in teaching for the last 10 years in KEI. The idea of this webinar is to inculcate the importance of E-learning sitting in a pandemic siruation as of today due to COVID-19. While the threats of Corona virus is sneaking round us and life has been confined within the walls of our house, education is still going on both globally and in almost all small and big institutes in our country. Traditional learning on the other hand is really the backbone of our study, but pandemic has really brought about revolution all around the world. Today, education is for all and is going on successfully , be it at junior level right upto the research level. The concept of ICT and the advantages of E learning has rightly been projected in this webinar. The moderator of the program is Mr Molay Giri, Lecturer CST, KPC. Students of CST 1st, 2nd and 3rd year and BCA, BBA and other interested faculty members from different colleges also attended the program.

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