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Webinar on "AWT Controls - A Template of Designing"

The department of computer science, Kingston Polytechnic College organised a webinar entitled “AWT CONTROL- ATEMPLATE OF DESIGNING” . The speaker of the program was Mr Molay Kumar Giri, who has a rich experience in teaching Java programming  for the last 10 years in KEI. The webinar basically has thrown light on the basics of Java Programming  to the advanced level. It has shown a student can learn java from JDK to advanced topic like Net beans and Java Swing which is really the need of the hour. The webinar also helped the students to learn about the art of using different templates in advanced Java programming which will really help them to sustain in any industry. The AWT control is the latest used technology for template designing where a student or professional can handle large projects using less of complex programming codes. The industry application and its perspective have also been discussed in the said webinar. The moderator of the program is Mr Sovonesh pal, HOD CST, KPC. Students of CST 1st, 2nd and 3rd year and BCA also attended the program.

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