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Attitutde Required in Hospitality Industry

(Moderator) Mr. Anirban Chowdhury, Assistant Professor BHHA Department
(Speaker) Ms. Atrayee Das, Assistant Professor BHHA Department
(Moderator) Mr Aniruddha Karmakar, Assistant Professor BHHA Department

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Kingston Educational Institute, an educational hub, imparting education in different field from KG to PG, has organized a wonderful webinar on Attitude required in Hospital industry on 15.02.2021. With a positive intention for creating an awareness among all the faculty members and students joined in the webinar, Kingston Educational Institution has an approach to this magnificent initiative. The moderators of the webinar were Mr Anirban Chowdhury, Assistant Professor of Kingston School of Management and Science (BHHA Dept), Mr Aniruddha Karmakar, Assistant Professor of Kingston School of Management and Science (BHHA Dept) and Ms Atreyee Das, Assistant Professor, Kingston School of Management Science (BHHA Dept) was the speaker of the webinar. As the webinar progressed, the speaker elaborated that the patients need attention, care and comfort. They need a promise of hope that their condition will become better on getting treated rightly treated at the hospital. Perfect arrangement, synchronization of the facts and detailed analysis of the attitude required to be maintained by the professionals of the hospital industry were some reasons of the success of this event. Our honourable Secretary Madam, Mrs. Uma Bhattacharya, honourable President Sir, Mr. Tipam Bhattacharya, honourable Academic Adviser Sir, Dr. Manishankar Chakraborty deservers special mention for organizing and encouraging the webinar thereby making it a grand success.

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